Rose Garden Party Palace & Restaurant

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Message Title: Rose Garden Party Palace
Purpose: Hospitality
District: चितवन
Local Address:
भरतपुर महानगरपालिका
Pre-Existing Place: गौरीगंज
Locality / Area: Kamal Chowk Saradpur
Contact No: 985-5056284

Rose Garden Party Palace & Restaurant

Rosegarden is the Pioneer event Management Team both indoors and outdoors. Our team is fully equipped with latest themes both in Food & Beverage and amenities inorder to exceed your expectations. 

We have plenty of free space and peaceful environment and all the facilities including projector, podium and stage to organize seminars, congress, conference, convention and meetings-workshops etc. Our Restaurant and Party venues are fully air-conditioned.

For Wedding Ceremony and Reception we provide all the materials and facilities.

Contact:  985-5056284

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